About the Little Rock Rangers

In 2016 the Little Rock Rangers created a men’s team and competes in the National Premier Soccer League. In 2017 the Club established a women’s team and competes in the Women’s Premier Soccer League. Our games are played at historic War Memorial Stadium in the heart of Little Rock. Many of our players still compete at the college level, therefore our team is entirely amateur in order to preserve our college players’ NCAA eligibility.

The Little Rock Rangers strive to improve soccer in the greater central Arkansas area by bringing in top quality players and coaches. This will help the local youth with high level coaching and role model examples of how the sport should be played. One of the goals of our club is to be able to provide local soccer club scholarships to underprivileged but motivated children in the area. We will do this through extra revenue from ticket sales and donations received.

The Little Rock Rangers Soccer Club is a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation.

Our Founders

A very special “THANK YOU” to our 16 Founders listed below. Without their contributions the Little Rock Rangers Soccer Club would not exist.

The BOSLEY Family

The BRAVO Family

The FERSTL Family

The HARPER Family

The LASLEY Family

The LEHMAN Family


The ORTEGA Family

The RASCH Family

The RECTOR Family

The ROBERTS Family

Carolyn & Jurgen SCHNEPEL


The WARDLAW Family


The WORTHEN Family