Who’s That? Meet Trevor Reed.

By Benjamin Peacock

Over the course of the next several weeks leading up to the season, I am conducting one-on-one interviews with players to publish what I hope will be fun, entertaining, and informative reads on our team. Very often fans are removed from the athletes they cheer, so I hope this series of publications will help Rangers fans connect to their team in a meaningful way.

Cabot resident Trevor Reed cried in his first game of soccer at the tender age of four because he did not want to play. But fortunately for him and the Little Rock Rangers, to which he is returning for his fourth season, his emotions and desire toward the sport changed.

Trevor just graduated from Northeastern State University with a degree in cellular biology, which is pretty impressive to this fellow biology major of yore. Except like all good science majors, we don’t end up doing anything with the degree, and currently Trevor is getting his private pilot license on his path to become a commercial pilot like his father.

“My dad and I are pretty much the same person. He works out with me. Any time I go to the field he’s right there. He also runs marathons so he’ll run with me too,” Trevor said.

There are basically four places you’ll find Trevor these days. Pilot school, a soccer pitch, the gym (seriously, a lot of gym time), and with any left over time, on Fortnite. He coaches a little with an FC Dallas affiliated team in Cabot when he’s not doing his own training.

Trevor himself played for Cabot Crew when he was 11 then switched to Arkansas Soccer Club before spending the rest of his teenage years playing for Arkansas United. He was recruited to Northeastern on scholarship and in his tenure there earned seven First Team All Region and All Conference awards. In his sophomore year, he was selected as the Division II National Player of the Week having scored four goals in two games. Funny enough, he found out about that on social media before an official notification reached him.

Little Trevor was motivated by the play style of Didier Drogba of Chelsea, who helped them win a couple Premier League titles and was named to the FIFA World XI in 2007. These days Trevor follows Lionel Messi.

“He’s good at everything. Passes, killer balls, scores, dribbling. He was born with something that other people don’t have,” he said of Messi.

As a workout-aholic, Trevor has a pretty tight daily regimen. His go-to before practice is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Then he’ll train for a couple hours until lunch. Then it’s off to the gym. Then a run in the evening. This is exhausting just writing about it. He does take one day a week off though! As for game days, he described the evolution of his preparations.

“I had a problem with eating too much. I figured out if I ate a peanut butter sandwich three hours before [the game] and a granola bar at the stadium, I’m perfect to go,” he said.

Having lived in Arkansas since he was two—he was born in Abilene, TX at the air force base there—the Little Rock Rangers provided him the perfect opportunity to keep playing. Trevor had college teammates who were playing for Tulsa while he was more or less training on his own for a while and looking for his own place to play. Then the Rangers organized in 2016.

“I heard they were putting together an NPSL team and I knew Will [Montgomery] from United. So I tried out at the end of my sophomore year. I thought it’d be pretty cool to play in front of family and friends. And the organization amongst management has been run really well,” explained Trevor.

His favorite moment on the team is similar to other returning players: beating Wichita on their home field. Trevor recounted the fans there were yelling some pretty obscene things at them on the bench so he enjoyed seeing the fanbase deflate when the Stags won the game on PKs.

Trevor is a pretty quiet guy but could also be the candidate for most humorous on the team. He’s the king of dad jokes and brought a pretty good groaner as we chatted.

“Who was the roundest knight at King Arthur’s table?” he asked me. There was silence and staring through the FaceTime call as this writer desperately tried to rain on his joke parade by coming up with the answer. “Sir Cumference,” he said. The interview moved on without comment.

Who is your favorite MLS team and overseas team?

LA Galaxy because of Ante Jazic. Barcelona for sure. And I’m going to hop on the Tottenham train. [Writers note: My man! #COYS]

Favorite place to eat:

Tropical Smoothie. I get the Island Green (spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, and banana).

What’s your favorite place to hang out?

The Little Rock Air Force Base gym. (By the way, Trevor’s dad served 22 years in the Air Force, retiring in 2013. Big salute to his service for our country.)

If you had the day off tomorrow with no training, no worries, no ramifications, how would you spend it?

I would definitely hop on a plane and go watch Barcelona play. I really want to see Messi play in person before he retires.

Whose concert would you travel a long way to see?

A$AP Rocky.

What is a super power you wish you had?

Teleportation. I’d go to the beach somewhere.

What is your spirit animal?

Some species of monkey. They seem like jokesters.

Looking forward to the 2019 season, all eyes are on the Rangers’ bid in the US Open Cup. The team doesn’t yet know who their first round competitor will be nor where the match will be played. That is determined by a coin flip. Some of the most important aspects of playing in this prestigious tournament is seeing what players are made of and being seen by upper level scouts.

“It is a great opportunity for us to see how good we can be. We won’t be as tired having traveled so much in a short amount of time,” Trevor explained in comparison to the South Region Final against Miami FC 2 last season. “We are better equipped and adapted having seen it now.”

Trevor’s goal is to do his part to exceed where the Rangers went last season. And he thinks the fan base will do the same. The team will bring more, the fans will bring more people.

“Last year was amazing and I think we can increase that more this season,” he said.

One final note was sent after the interview was concluded. What do you call a werewolf with a YouTube channel? Lycansubscribe.

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