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Nick Doyle Named Head Coach After Versari Departure

By Little Rock Rangers Communications Staff, 10/22/23, 10:50AM CDT


Doyle named Head Coach after multiple years as club captain

The Little Rock Rangers are saddened to announce that Head Coach, Adriano Versari has stepped down from his position. Versari took over the role of head coach for the first team this past summer, leading the club to its best finish since 2018. Versari leaves his legacy to the club as we progress forward. The club is pleased to announce Nick Doyle as the new head coach for the first team. Doyle, the captain of the club since its inception comes into the role with experience with Hendrix College as well as within the club’s academy system. “The Little Rock area has been home to me ever since I moved here as an 18 year old. It’s where I played College soccer, met my wife, made some great friends and mentors, and also where I was able to play soccer outside of college for the last 7 years thanks to the Little Rock Rangers. I’ve seen the Rangers organization inspire kids in the community, including my own, through their games and academy. For me to play a role in that however large or small, is something that can give me fulfillment in knowing that I’m giving back to this special place,” said Doyle about the Little Rock area. While changes are expected to be made, Coach Nick Doyle expects there to be minimal changes to last season’s support staff brought in by Versari. Doyle states, “When you have a great season like last year the first priority would be to bring back the players and staff that made it happen. The staff from last season did such a great job bringing in quality players who gave it their all for this club. Since we had a great run last year, there will definitely be some interest from new players, and we definitely want to welcome some in who embrace what we stand for.”

“The goals would obviously be to achieve what the team did last year, and hopefully push on even further. The team broke a lot of records last year, and that was a huge part thanks to everyone involved especially the fan base. I’m hoping to inspire some new records at the club, and providing memorable experiences for the players, and the supporters,” said the former captain and now coach, Nick Doyle.

The club is now working on recruiting and bringing in a squad to compete at a high level to continue the success from last season.